UGI Design Builds was founded in 2002 by Sanjay Soli AIA, in Seattle, Washington. Our company offers an architectural design and construction services group for multi and single-family residences specialized in contemporary/progressive architecture that strives to develop new trends and innovations that elevate today’s living styles. In addition, UGI’s commitments blur the boundaries between design and construction by providing a platform that eliminates distinctions between creativity and creation. As Principal Architect, Sanjay is specialized in community architecture, multifamily and single-family residences, mixed-use developments, commercial office interiors, healthcare and retail projects. His passion of architecture work is launched first by designing and building his parent’s home in Seattle, Washington. Sanjay Soli was born and raised in Seattle. He pursued his Bachelor in Architectural from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington (1997) and Master of Architecture from University of California, Los Angeles (2001). He has worked in the well renowned offices of Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KMD) Architects and Callison Architects at his early stages of his career. Sanjay has participated in projects from the Arctic North to the southern part of the United States, Mexico, Russia, India, and the Philippines. Simultaneously, Sanjay is the President of ABKJ Inc. (Anderson Bjornstard Kane Jacobs). ABKJ ( is an award winning (or premier) Civil and Structural Engineering firm, founded in 1956, headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  He spearheaded ABKJ’s international expansion by launching the Asia Global Center office in Bangalore, India in year 2011. He is leading and directing the firm’s towards the growth and expansion of services which includes project management, architectural, civil and structural engineering services to meet client’s needs across the globe.